What You Need To Know About BTC Soccer Betting

What You Need To Know About BTC Soccer Betting

Football is by far the most important sport among online bookmakers. In our experience, the round leather dominates every betting program. There are even some providers who concentrate almost exclusively on football. But which bookmaker brings the best football bets to his customers’ screens? We went to the bottom of this question in the following test.

Football betting provider

If you are looking for a betting provider for football betting, then you should consider some important criteria when making your selection. In addition to the offer, these include odds, live bets, streams and other important points, which we explain here.

Important criteria

  1. Betting Offer – Competitions & Betting Markets
  2. Live betting – and free livestreams
  3. Good odds – for higher winnings

The normal football bet should be easy to understand even for the layman. You can bet on victory, draw or defeat in a match. But that’s not the end of the bookmaker’s story. The best online providers equip the matches in the most important football leagues with over 200 specials. We have compiled some of the best-known special bets below.

  • Goals over/under: In the betting market, the goals scored by both teams are added together. The most popular version is the goals over/under 2.5 bet.
    Half time / final result: Both half times can be typed individually or in combination with the final result. The betting option exists as an And-variant, where both scores must be correct or as an Or-variant, where a result must be correct.
  • Double Chance: The betting market comprises two result possibilities, for example home win/tie or tie/away win. The double chance can be applied to the final result or to the two halves.
  • Time of goals: The bookmaker determines the time window within which the first or last goal is scored. (For example 1. to 15. minute)
    Exact result: You can bet on the exact final result of a game.
  • Handicap: In handicap betting, a team enters the match with a fictitious advantage.
  • Both teams meet: This is a YES/No market, which can be offered in variations of only one team.
  • Goal scorers: The player bets mostly refer to the goal scorers, whereby each actor is equipped with its own odds.
  • Number of Yellow Cards: The betting option is usually available as over/under market. A similar bet is offered for the corner balls. The red cards are usually a yes/no bet.

The betting markets are sometimes combined in order to make the betting odds even more attractive. An example of this would be: “Player A hits and team B wins the match”.

Football is also by far the most popular sport in the live betting sector. A special form of betting at this point is the so-called remaining time bet, which always assumes a score of 0:0.

The long-term offers must not be forgotten. The best betting providers for football bets offer master bets for almost all top leagues. Of course you can also bet on the relegators or other placements in the final ranking. Special forms in the long-term sector are the tips for coach dismissals or upcoming transfers.

Which competitions can be bet on?

Football is not just football. The best online providers are on the ball around the globe. Competitions from all continents are offered.

The top leagues

The focus of the bookmakers is of course on the European leagues. At the top of the ranking are the Champions League and the Europa League. At the national level, the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League, the Spanish Primera Division and the Italian Serie A are the most popular leagues.

Outstanding events for the betting providers are, of course, the big international tournaments. At the World and European Championships the bookies like to start with additional special offers.

The less important competitions

Real football experts very often seek their odds in the less important leagues. With the appropriate expertise, the bookie can be tricked here or there. While in the top competitions there are usually very accurate odds available, in the side bets there are often value bets to be found. The best betting providers for football bets are for example in Thailand, Kenya, Guatemala or Indonesia on the ball. The German fans very often have the possibility to place the tips down to the fifth class amateur upper league.

What are the odds in football?

Basically, football bets have the highest odds. Mathematical payouts of over 95 percent are not uncommon. The reason for this is obvious. Football is the most frequented game by customers, so bookmakers can set a higher quota cut. Furthermore, the bet and win limits for round leather are comparatively above average. The best online providers even allow theoretical profits of over one million euros.

The majority of recreational weather places the tips on the favourites. This trend, however, has long been recognized by the providers. The top teams are therefore provided with relatively “bad” odds. The relationship between chance of winning and risk is not particularly attractive. The draw bets, on the other hand, appear attractive. The draw strategy is now available in various variations and is preferred by many users.