What Is Tor?

Tor is one of the best known tools to anonymously surf the Internet. The name stands for a goal working in the background software. This open source software is installed on the user’s computer and, where required, the entire Internet traffic of the users computer via the Tor network to. The principle of Tor based on the fact that a request is not sent directly to the actual destination address, but are transmitted through a series of successively connected proxy servers. It has every proxy server only information about its direct predecessor and successor. None of the servers at the same time knows the sender and the receiver of the request. In this way, the IP addresses of users are so obscured that it is not possible to make using the IP address or conclusions about the identity of the user. The client for Tor can be downloaded on www.torproject.org free. Check out more at topvpnprovider.net The Tor software can be controlled through the user interface Vidalia, either individually or their installation Browser Bundle is done in the target. The Tor Browser Bundle is a modified for the Tor network version of Firefox is included, which provides additional add-ons such as HTTPS-Everywhere and NoScript increased security while surfing the net. In addition, the goal-safe search engines such as Firefox Start Page or DuckDuckGo used instead of Google. Therefore, the Tor Browser Bundle is highly recommended for users who do not have experience with the Tor network. The Tor software allows the user to quickly and easily establish an anonymous connection. With just a click of the Tor client is instructed to connect to the Tor network and open the gate Firefox, so the user can start directly with the safe surfing. The separation from the Tor network is also done with just one click. The Tor version of Firefox, however, can only be used when connecting to the Tor network is. If the Tor network will not always be used, then it is necessary to additionally install a standard version of Firefox or another browser on the computer.