Warning: Fake Wallet in Google’s Play-Store

Warning: Fake Wallet in Google’s Play-Store

With fake recipient addresses, the app redirects received currencies. The “Bitcoin Core – BTC Wallet” cheats users out of their received crypto currencies – the money ends up directly with fraudsters. There have been many victims in south america.

With BTC becoming more and more popular, also fraud increases. Coin Company experts have discovered a compromised Bitcoin Wallet. As the company reports, the app displays fake recipient addresses – crypto currencies sent to users of the app end up with fraudsters instead of the actual recipient.
Attention, danger of confusion!

The app is a fake copy of the popular Wallet BRD – this app has over 500,000 downloads in the Google Play Store. Coin Comany shows the similarity in the report about the compromised app with two screenshots.

The compromised app looks very similar to the popular BRD-Wallet.

Just a few days ago, the Bitcoin exchange rate rose to almost 13,000 US dollars, its highest level in one and a half years. The total value of all 2,280 crypto currencies rose to 360 billion dollars. With the increasing popularity of crypto currencies, they are also increasingly becoming the target of criminals. At the end of October Kaspersky had already reported various attacks, including the Trojan Cryptoshuffler, which replaces the user’s wallet with its own – i.e. acts like the fraudulent “Bitcoin Core – BTC Wallet”.

The app has already been downloaded over 1,000 times from Google’s Play Store. The experts of the Coin Company recommend to use generally only known or well rated apps. While the BTC Wallet is rated with two out of five stars, the original has four out of five stars. According to their own statements, the discoverers have reported the compromised app to Google. However, it is still available in the Play Store.