Perfect Privacy VPN Service Review

Perfect Privacy VPN Service Review

So far I have already examined more than 22 VPN providers for security standards and speed.

Perfect Privacy moves between extremes: What promises great features makes a complicated installation impossible for technically inexperienced users. The plus points gained by support through a personal TeamViewer conference can cost the VPN service a lot in its tariff levels.

Nevertheless, I recommend Perfect Privacy to you with a clear conscience, provided you have some technical background knowledge about Virtual Private Network. The range of features offered by this tool is in my opinion almost unbeaten and serve above all your own security and anonymity on the net.

This does not even affect the speed. In my tests this one recorded such a small waste that this mention is hardly necessary.

But: Be aware that this service is one of the most expensive in our test series and requires a little patience in usability at one point or another. You should therefore plan some budget and time to be able to use these functions.

The Swiss VPN service Perfect Privacy is one of the few completely German VPN tools currently available on the market. As the name implies, Perfect Privacy attaches great importance to absolute privacy and anonymity – and puts this into practice at first glance.

Due to many own features, which are not offered by well-known competitors who have also been tested (learn more in our VPN Test and Advisor 2018, this provider even develops a real unique selling point.

Nevertheless, some questions remain unanswered at the very beginning: How user-friendly is the Swiss service – and do you have to cut back on speed with all the security measures? Does the tool allow the use of streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime? Questions about questions that are not answered at first glance and yet are so crucial for your choice.

Let’s take a look at how well Perfect Privacy actually performs after a positive first impression.

Functions (9.5 of 10 points – excellent)

The functions offered by Perfect Privacy are broadly diversified in comparison to providers such as Hotspot Shield and partly need an explanation, as long as you are not completely immersed in the VPN topic.

Perfect Privacy scores at this point not only in terms of streaming, but also for your online security other guns than the industry standard requires. In the following I will show you the most important features step by step and explain so that you can get your own picture.

Multi-Hop VPN

If you have already dealt with NordVPN, you already know the Double-VPN procedure. Thus NordVPN offers you the possibility to connect to the Internet via two servers and thus secure your data twice.

Perfect Privacy goes one step further and allows you to connect not just two but at least three servers, so traffic is correspondingly often interleaved and encrypted and your security increases from time to time (similar to Tor). The provider calls this procedure “Multi-Hop VPN” and thus massively increases your security on the net.

As you can already imagine, this mode will slow you down a bit. My test showed a reduction in the download rate of around 4 Mbit/s and a reduction in the upload rate of half a Mbit/s. So it’s up to you: Is a fast connection more important or an even better secure user mode?


Neurorouting technology is the almost logical next step after multi-hop VPN: While in the previous mode you select the servers via which you will be connected, the neurorouting makes this decision for you. The software itself chooses which server constellations you will be connected to, ensuring that it is absolutely unpredictable which server will send or receive data next.

Track Stop Filter

Perfect Privacy’s {Track-Stop-Filter} protects you from harmful content, tracking by Facebook or Google and is also the built-in ad blocker of this service. If you activate this function, the software automatically prevents the loading of corresponding contents.
Fake News Filter

Especially interesting in this day and age is the built-in Fake-News Filter, which should protect you from such messages. Perfect Privacy proceeds in such a way that it automatically blocks all fake-news domains registered with “Github” and protects you from these contents. Whether this filter should be activated is up to you, as with all other features.

Stealth VPN Technology

Last but not least, you should be familiar with Stealth VPN technology. In my opinion, this feature is probably the most important individual feature. Thanks to this technology you can “mask” your VPN so to speak, so that your VPN packet is not recognized as such. This is useful if you are in countries like the United Arab Emirates where the use of VPNs is a punishable offence. Stealth VPN would disguise your VPN connection to keep you undetected.

As you can see – Perfect Privacy is by no means stingy on the range of functions and partly surpasses the competition due to its extraordinary features. Whether it pays off for your purposes, however, you must decide not least on the basis of the estimated price. In the next section we will check to what extent and whether the price-performance ratio of this VPN service is right.

Costs & Tariffs (7.5 of 10 – satisfactory)

Since the functions of Perfect Privacy have made me very positive, the cost factor is under discussion.

The provider gives you the choice between five different terms: one month, three months, six months, one year and two years. Depending on the duration you choose, you can then pay with PayPal, credit card, cash or Bitcoin. The latter two methods also guarantee the maximum possible anonymity during payment.

If you pay with cash, send an envelope filled with the corresponding amount to the address indicated by Perfect Privacy. However, you will have to accept the longest processing time (two to four weeks depending on the mail), as your account will only be activated after the payment has been received.

Which tariff makes sense for you should also depend on the current prices: For one month you pay the monthly maximum price of 13,49 Euro. Three months cost you 11.98 Euro per month with a quarterly one-time payment of 35.95 Euro. If you decide for a half year with Perfect Privacy one month costs you 10.99 Euro – with a half-yearly payment of 65.95 Euro.

For one year the price per month is 10.41 euros, which means an annual payment of 124.95 euros. The longest term costs you 8.95 euros per month, provided you are willing to pay 214.95 euros once every two years. A free test phase does not give you Perfect Privacy.

At this point I would like to emphasize that unlike the competition, no limited number of devices per account awaits you. You can integrate any of your devices you want to link into this service.

But: Perfect Privacy remains one of the most expensive providers in our tests.

Nevertheless, the price-performance ratio is right – at least for now. After all, it also depends on your own requirements: The many functions justify the relatively high prices only when you will really make use of them. And beyond that, there is also the aspect of user-friendliness.

Because: If you are a Mac user and technically not too experienced, you should take a closer look here.