Hiding Your IP Address – This Is How It Works

You can disguise the IP address of your connection in various ways, for example with paid VPN services, via the Tor network, or using proxy servers. In simple terms, they are all based on the principle that the data packets are first redirected from your PC to a server, which then sends and receives them. Your counterpart therefore only sees the IP address of this server and not directly that of your PC.

  • The Tor browser bundle makes it relatively quick and easy to become anonymous. All you need to do is launch the portable Firefox browser. You do not need to configure anything and are directly online. However, the Tor network is based on a technology that may not guarantee a particularly high bandwidth.
  • You can also use a VPN to surf the Internet anonymously. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”, for example, company networks are often configured in this way. When you connect to such a network, you take its IP as a side effect. Currently the market for VPN providers is booming, we have compared the best 5 VPN providers for you.
  • A proxy server is the classic way to change your IP. In addition to caching and filtering functions, you can also use a proxy server to surf privately. Another practical tip shows you how to use a proxy correctly.